03/ 09/ 17

Rise and Shine

Praise Jesus that I get to sleep in now that I take college classes! 😍 Now instead of rushing out of the house by 6:30am I get to sleep in until 9am! I am so grateful for all eight hours of sleep I now get instead of the two that I got when I was going to high school!

I’ve always been a big believer in morning and night time routines in order to start and end my day off in a good mood. There just something about putting your makeup on a clean face in the morning that is so therapeutic! Below is my morning routine for days when classes start at 11am:

9:15am: Wake Up!

I believe that the most important thing you can take do in the morning to ensure a good day is to start it with Jesus. Most of the studies I do are from She Reads Truth. These are a little more in depth and take a while to do so in the morning, I stick with the plans from the YouVersion bible app. They’re short, sweet, and to the point. It really helps me to keep Jesus at the center of my focus for the day. And although I’d like to say I’m not addicted to social media, I totally am so that’s what I scroll through right after 😜

9:30am: The Usual

This is when I drag myself our of my warm, cozy bed. I brush my teeth, wash my face, etc..I won’t go into detail on this part of my morning because (hopefully) everyone includes these things in their morning routine. However, I will share with you the face wash that I use because it’s what has been really working for me lately. It’s the CeraVe foaming cleanser. I have super sensitive skin so I can’t use anything harsh. I was using Cetaphil for the longest time but recently it just wasn’t cutting it. I totally would recommend it!

9:35: Lazy Girl Makeup

Considering I have sensitive skin, I don’t wear a lot of makeup in the first place, but even if I didn’t have sensitive skin I probably still wouldn’t do makeup because I’m so bad at it and because it takes so much time! This is pretty much all I do: First I use CeraVe Facial Moisturizing lotion to moisturize, while that  sinks in, I do my eyebrows using L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer pencil. I used to be a huge believer in only high-end makeup because I though that anything else would break me out. However, I have slowly been weaning onto drugstore makeup and so far so good! Next I use The Benefit Matte Rescue primer all over my face. This is where it gets really lazy…😬 I then use the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind dark circle concealer ALL OVER my face. Yes, I just said that. I mainly cover any blemishes, put it around my nose, and under my eyes and then blend it with a beauty blender. I swirl on a bit of bronzer and blush, swipe on mascara and then I’m done! It only takes about 10-15 minutes total.

9:45: Bed-head

My hair routine is really simple as well. I separate my hair into two sections. I add some movement by curling 2″ chunks of hair with a 1″ curling wand and then brushing the curls out with my fingers. Then, I straighten the ends with a flat iron. I do that to the next section and then smooth any flyaways with a toothbrush and hairspray. Super easy!

10:00am: Get dressed

If I could give anyone my two biggest tips to getting out the door quickly they would be: 1. Lay out your outfit the night before, that way you’re not rushing to figure something out in the morning and 2. Wear lots of dresses if your dress code allows it. You’ll look like you’ll have your life together without having to put pants on 😍 lol! A quote that has always been stuck in the back of my brain whenever I get ready in the morning is, “Don’t dress for where you’re at in life, dress for where you want to be.” I don’t know who said it and I don’t know if those were the exact words but it makes so much sense! I always tend to be way more productive when I’m wearing something nice and my hair is brushed than when I’m in leggings and an oversized tee with my hair up in a pony… just saying! But at they end of the day, you do you girl! (I’m not saying I never wear leggings and t-shirts to school, I just try to stay away from it.)

10:05: The most important meal of the day… or is it?

Most days I eat a breakfast that consists of a water bottle (you should drink 1-2 per meal!) and either egg whites and turkey sausage or whole eggs with a slice of avocado. However, on some days the very thought of eating something in the morning makes me queasy so I’ll do intermittent fasting, which is when I don’t eat breakfast until 12pm and I stop eating at 7-8pm (intermittent fasting lowers the amount of insulin in your blood which kickstarts fat burning).

10:15: Hit the road!

AKA get my butt in my car and on the road so I won’t be late and so the professor won’t put a 50% in the grade book for attendance that day. Yes, that happened to me on my second day of comp. No I was not happy in the least about that, but I guess you gotta learn from your mistakes. 😅


I hope you guys liked this post! Writing it was a lot of fun! Praying for an amazing school year for everybody whether you’re in middle school, high school, or college! Regardless of all the cosmetic preparation, prepare your hearts and minds by praying for a good attitude and strong motivation and God will guide you through each and everyday!

Stay Fit, Fab, and Faithful!

xoxo, Abbey

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