10/ 02/ 17

Mia Autumn Grace

Courageous, vivid, remarkable. All words that chronicle this fresh-faced model. An exemplar of finding strength to reaching one’s dreams. Recently shot for the cover of LOVE Magazine, Mia Autumn Grace is taking the fashion world by storm.

One year ago, Mia struggled with inconceivable anxiety. She surmised that her life had little meaning or purpose, all because of this demon that raided her life. Mia had a severe phobia of partaking in activities that most of us take for granted; going to the grocery store, answering the phone, and attending parties and concerts. This malady even stopped her from wearing braids in public, or going to see a movie. Mia refused to allow her situation to halt her pursuit towards a career in modeling; a dream. She coerced herself to go on runs outside, go to the gym, and take the bus or train. The very next thing you know she is being characterized as outgoing, bold, and upbeat by one of the most influential supermodels in the world.

Model, Kendall Jenner expressed that, “I was very, very impressed with Mia. She’d never been shot before by anyone but her big sister back home in Arizona and she is a total natural… She’s got a lot of confidence and what’s so super-cute about her is that she doesn’t even know she has that confidence yet.”

Mia is a born artist. She loves to draw and doodle. She loves to be silly and make jokes. She is the definition of genuine beauty. She refused to let her anxiety take hold of her ambitions. Mia fought for her aspirations and now shoots for haute couture brands such as Burberry and Miu Miu. Her testament proves that no matter what tribulations a person is facing, there is always hope, so long as perseverance and endurance are displayed.

  • Mia’s Instagram: @miaautumngrace
  • Mia’s Snapchat: @miaautumngrace

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