11/ 03/ 18

Messy is Beautiful!

If you know me at all, you may know that I am a clean freak. My friends and family might say that I am a 70 year old trapped in a 17 year old body. I am a person who is very visually stimulated so when my environment is a mess I get pretty frustrated. In order to be able to focus on my homework at night I have to deep clean my work area first in order to be able to focus at all. If I don’t feel like tidying up I have to either go to my grandma’s house or a coffee shop so that I can be productive and think clearly.

That being said, this morning I woke up and walked into the kitchen and for some VERY weird reason I felt joy and gratitude when I saw the mess that was in front of me. On our island my sewing machine, tons of fabric, cutting pads, rulers, scissors, and pins were splayed everywhere. The table was covered in patterns and half finished quilts. In the living room there was also material laid out in an intricate order because is was about to be sewn into a beautiful blanket.

I was so full of joy because the previous night was a night full of laughter, frustration, and deep talks while my mom, aunt, and grandma were all trying to figure out what project they were going to make next. I felt so blessed and grateful that I have such strong-willed, funny, creative, encouraging, and down to earth women in my life– the list could go on and on.

I think that Jesus sent me this reminder today to help me realize that every once in a while a mess is okay. You just have to find the beauty in it and remember that soon enough it will get cleaned up. If we’re always to consumed in trying to figure out when we can get the mess clean and gone, we won’t be able to enjoy where we are and who we are surrounded with right in this moment.

Every once in while we should even get REALLY crazy and contribute to the mess. We shouldn’t be afraid to make crazy recipes, attempt a DIY project (key word: attempt), or be dabilitated with laughter when it gets so late that you get delirious. Good family and friends are one of God’s biggest blessing to us.

Sometimes the mess and life can be overwhelming. But like that quilt on my living room floor, God has intricately laid out the most amazing people, opportunities, and blessings that he is going to sew up into an exquisite masterpiece that is His plan for your life.

There is always tomorrow. Tomorrow you can clean it up. But for now get messy.

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