19/ 10/ 17

Love on, my friends.

Loving deeply comes with heartbreak more painful than what the next person will ever experience. It comes with disappointment that feels like the hardest slap in the face. It comes with tears that never end when the person that you love so unconditionally hurts you. It comes with vulnerability and people judging you for being too sensitive. It comes with your heartbreaking from the most minuscule acts against you that normal eyes wouldn’t see an issue with. It gets to a point where you may begin to think that the problem lies within you, and maybe if you loved a little less, you wouldn’t get hurt.

Well, let me tell you, my friend, loving unconditionally is one of the greatest gifts you could ever receive. Being able to feel so much love that your heart explodes with joy is the most wonderful blessing in the world. In today’s world, people seem to lack love at all. God gave you this gift to make up for the love that is lost in the hearts filled with evil. You reflect the exact essence of what Christ’s heart truly is when you love without expectation. That should be a great honor in itself. But listen to me. Loving hard and holy does not mean in any way shape or form that you are weak. Never let anyone take advantage of your heart; sometimes this means loving, and praying for someone from a distance, and that’s okay. Sometimes people need a more potent and heavenly love and not an earthly love. The holy kind of love is what truly changes the hearts of the mislead and hate-filled people.

We can, however, be the tip of the iceberg that is Jesus’ true love. He is in covenant with us when He says that He is the only person that will never ever ever leave us nor forsake us. Always remember, Love conquers all. Genuine love is a God-given gift that few have received. Love can change the world. Keep lovin’ on others with no expectation because that is exactly what Jesus would do.

Stay fit, fab, and faithful!

xoxo, Abbey

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