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How to Make a Succulent Garden!

I have found a new obsession! SUCCULENTS. They are so incredibly simplistic, convenient and eye-catching. Yesterday I explored many plant nurseries in Miami, Florida and Oh. My. Goodness. the possibilities were endless, and so cheap! I literally spent more money on the pots than the plants themselves. The prices of the succulents ranged from $1.99 to $5. The bigger pot was $15 and the smaller one was $6. I definitely recommend purchasing any kind of plants from a nursery rather than a home improvement store, they cost a lot less, and in my opinion, are more healthy and sturdy.

Thing you’ll need to start your own little succulent garden:

  • a pot that will comfortably accommodate all off your new plants
  • succulents, of course!
  • cactus soil
  • succulent food
  • stones for drainage
  • optional: decorative stones

Initially, line the bottom of your pot with a layer of stones in order for your succulent to be able to drain easily, as the roots do not do well if they are sitting in a pool of water.

Next, add the cactus soil into your pot very loosely. This soil allows for drainage, while succulents are water storing plants, they do require a fair share of air circulation as well.

Now for the fun part!! Make holes that go almost as deep as the layer of stones. Loosen the roots of the succulent and place it in the indent. Add another thin layer of soil to make sure the plant is secure.

Finally, if you please, you can place stones around the plants to add to the appearance of your garden.

I’m absolutely in love with the way this turned out, I hope this DIY inspires and assists in all of your succulent garden endeavors!


Care tips:

  • Only water when the soil is COMPLETELY dry
  • Make sure to use succulent food! Any kind will work.
  • These plants are great because they do not need direct sunlight so they can be kept indoors. Just make sure they do have a little exposure to they sun so photosynthesis can do its job!


2 responses to “How to Make a Succulent Garden!”

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  2. Debbie Evans says:

    I love succulents, so thank you for your post on Succulent Gardens. My daughter introduced me to succulents by watching Laura Eubanks, with her “Succulent Tip of the Day”. Love your pictures and instruction!
    I feel blessed after reading through all of your posts. I thank Shanna for sharing your site so I may continue to follow.
    I pray for you on your up coming trip!

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