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Glossier Products Review!

Omg omg omg I’ve been wanting to do this post for FOREVER. Seriously. Ever since I came across this brand on Jen Atkin’s snap story I’ve been super interested in the entire company. I was originally planning to do a review the week I got it but since I have super sensitive skin that is literally like planning the lotto to find good products for, I decided I should try it out for a good amount of time so I could do a legitimate review… I’ve been using these products for a little over a month now so I’ll give a short description of what each product is and my genuine thoughts on it. Before I get into the actual post though I have to tell you guys, for the quality of each product, this stuff is SUPER affordable. I got the Phase I set and then a lip gloss and I already want to get the Phase II set which is Glossier’s “essential” make up set. Some of their products such as the Super Serums are kind of pricey but I totally want to try them eventually.


Milky Jelly Cleanser:

Let me tell you, this stuff is HEAVENLY. For so so so long I used coconut oil to take off my makeup and for the first step of my double cleanse and I swore I would never ever change that step in my routine because it just really worked for me. But I literally use coconut oil for EVERYTHING.  From moisturizing my body to hair masks to cooking, coconut oil never gets a break from me. I especially loved it for my face because it melted my eye makeup off so easily. However, it was a pain to rinse it all off, it took like 2 minutes of straight rinsing to get every last bit off. With the Milky Jelly Cleanser, I think I finally found a solid replacement. It takes off all of my makeup so quickly and easily and it smells so good. Plus I feel like I’m getting a little bit deeper of a cleanse. It is extremely gentle so if you have sensitive skin like I do this is perfect. Although sometimes at night I do feel like I need something stronger for my acne so I use the Milky Jelly most often in the morning or after a workout.

Priming Moisturizer:

I have super dry skin plus acne problems so I’ve always struggled to find a moisturizer that would help both of these problems. My dermatologist always prescribed moisturizers that claimed to be super hydrating but were also lightweight and wouldn’t aggravate my skin but no matter how many layers of it I applied my skin always felt super tight. This moisturizer is perfect because it’s buildable. So at night, I like to put a little more than usual under my Clinique Moisture Surge for a sort of DIY overnight mask. In the morning I put just one layer on and my skin feels just right. Not too greasy but not tight either. Also, since it is a priming moisturizer it eliminates the need for a separate primer when putting on your makeup. 😉

Balm Dot Com:

Balm Dot Com is a universal skin salve that claims it can hydrate the driest skin. Let me tell you, they’re not lying. Glossier really knows what they’re doing when it comes to scent and moisturization. I’ve been using Rosebud Salve practically since I left the womb so while I think I’ll have to stay loyal to the balm that the women in my family have been using for generations, I will definitely keep Balm Dot Com on hand at ALL times.

Lip Gloss:

This lipgloss is so simple and plain yet can change any look so easily. If you just want to enhance your natural features you can just put it on your lips directly but it is also so good for making a matte color glossy. I also heard that you can use it for a glossy lid look but I am so not brave enough to try that. I’m no beauty guru so I’ll just insert a selfie so you can see what it looks like on. When I edited it on VSCO (no shame) some of the gloss went away but trust me when I say that no other lip gloss can compare to the shine that this one has.



If you made it through this entire post I just want to say thank you so so so much for reading it! I love doing posts like this and want to do more! If you want to try out Glossier you can use this link to get 10% off of your first purchase 😊


As always, stay Fit Fab and Faithful,



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