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Before you read this post, do me a favor and listen to Defender by Rita Springer.

Because it’s the new year, everyone is coming up with their resolutions. We use the new year as the starting point of envisioned growth. Figuring out ways in which we can improve ourselves whether that be financially, physically, spiritually etc. We start off with good intentions and high motivation but most often what people lack when it comes to achieving their goals is discipline. Hebrews 12 perfectly outlines discipline and how it should shape our lives. Often when we think of discipline we think of it as punishment or a negative consequence but with God it’s the exact opposite. Through holy discipline, God reveals His overwhelming love for us. We can make a resolution to be healthier but in two weeks our motivation is going to dwindle and our will-power tested. We can strive to spend more time in God’s word but morning will come and the temptation to ignore your alarm and go back to sleep will sneak in. Only through holy discipline will we ever accomplish anything worth accomplishing.

Another thing that makes it easy for us to fall short of reaching our aspirations is a lack of trust in Jesus and confidence in what he is capable of. Understanding that in some situations the simple fact of the matter is that we can’t and will never be able to but that Christ can and not only can He but WILL He; and He will do whatever that we want far greater than we could have ever dreamed. 1 Samuel 17 tells the story of David and Goliath. God placed in David’s heart a mission that would save His people. A mission that was seemingly impossible to the human eye. Yet David had faith that He would conquer this Giant through Christ who strengthened him. He gave God everything that he had, three stones and a sling, and trusted that God would come in His good and perfect timing to fill in the blanks and do the rest. I challenge you when making your new year’s resolutions to dream big. Greater than you ever thought possible of yourself and let God fill in the blanks and do the rest.

I discovered this song this year and it has absolutely wrecked my life. At first it was just another song in my worship playlist until one day I truly heard the words.

“And all I did was praise
And all I did was worship
All I did was bow down
All I did was stay still.

Hallelujah you have saved me
So much better your way
Hallelujah, great Defender
So much better Your way.”

As humans we have this tendency to make plans and not want to stray away from them. If I learned anything this past year, it is that every single plan I make without the surrender of them to God, will surely fail. Every plan I did make that has been placed into His hands may have been tweaked, altered or radically flipped but they lead me to a place far better than I could have imagined. This song reminds me that once we let known all of our desires to God all we have to do is praise. All we have to do is worship. All we have to do is bow down. All we have to do is stay still. God will go before us and fight our every battle. He come back with the head of our enemy. The victory is ours when we learn to fully surrender.

I am praying over 2019 for all of you. That it is a year of success, opportunities, and that we all grow closer to God. I pray that we find the courage we need to expand the kingdom. I pray that we stay diligently disciplined, trustworthy, and that we pursue Him with reckless abandon. Once we do these things, everything else will fall into place. Just remember that He is never early and He is never late. Only ever on time. The best is yet to come.

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